About JISnView

JISnView is a multi-platform image management application written in Java. The functionality includes the ability to display images on a local file system and to move or copy them into various files or folders with a minimum of mouse clicks.

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31 October 2004

Well as a nice Halloween treat, and to keep the interest of anybody whose interest I may have caught, I'm making an alpha release of 0.3. Although it doesn't have all of the features of 0.2, essentially because it is a complete rewrite, the code base is cleaner and it is somewhat faster (due to no scaling algorithms being enabled by default). If you are interested head on over to the downloads page and give it a whirl.

25 October 2004

After a very long time I've decided to review this little application of mine and restart development of it with different personal goals. My reasons for developing this are now as a launch pad for personal explorations into the Java programming language and development. Hopefully I'll actually make a half usable application in the mean time.