The JISnView-0.3 release is available in the current formats

Binary Releases

For installation instructions review the README.html contained within the archives

jisnview-0.3.tar.gz for GNU/Linux and Unix type platforms for the Windows platform

Source Release contains the source code for the 0.3 release

While it is depreciated, you can download and use JISnView-0.2 and use it.

You should note that it isn't terribly stable but it does work


The jar file is probably the easiest to get to work just type java -jar jisnview-0.2.jar


In order to run JISnView you need Sun's Java JRE >= 1.5

In order to build JISnView you need Sun's Java SDK >= 1.5 as well as ant >= 1.6 and junit >= 3.8.1